Recommended this week

Tatsuta fried tuna 500yen



Pickled red beans of tuna in soy sauce and fried with potato starch powder. This is called Tatsuta fried. Please eat it with tartar sauce and mayonnaise.

Please relish!


Tasuichi Handmade Pizza 800yen

Tasuichi pizza is made from handmade pizza dough completely.So, for the taste can not be guaranteed.But please come to order so that hard to make.




Guinness stout 500yen
Guinness stout is made from brewer's yeast water, barley malt, and hops. Part of the barley and Warito ground with steamed, by the sear, adding flavor and distinctive color of black ruby to Guinness.

Smirnoff lemonade 500yen
  Friendly sour lemon stand out, of clean and easy to drink Smirnoff vodka unique, new standard cocktail. Please enjoy jam jar style.